Basic blanking dies for cutting flat, outline shapes

Very inexpensive dies for shapes up to approx. 4.5″x 6.5″. Price ranges from $30 to $300 and more. Most small basic dies are $75 or less . Larger, and more complex dies can get pricey, but are still far below the cost of conventional tooling .


These blanking dies can be made to cut sheet metal as thick as needed, but extra thickness drives prices up quickly . They will also work on papers such as cardstock and watercolor paper, thin (but not extremely thin), and non-brittle plastics like ‘friendly plastic’ and ‘thermoplastic’ sheet. See more.

Part Punching Service

We’ll store your dies here and run parts for you when needed. Confidentiality assured. Contact us for more information.

One-step cut/emboss die

An innovative process. Simple yet elegant, facilitating many design options. See more.

Pancake Donut Dies

For blanking flat parts with a hole in the center. These are not cheap, or easy to make, but they work! See more.

Two-step ‘puff and trim’ die sets

Also known as matrix and blanking die sets. These bump up a shape into a piece of metal, and in step two the excess flat border is trimmed off, leaving a part that’s all domed. See more.

Special Dies

View elaborate die configurations. See more.